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        Human Resource

        The idea of management:

        The knowledge of people, by the people, educating people; horses horses; performance

        Corporate welfare:

        1, 6 days 6.7 hours work, enjoy national law to decide holiday vacation with salary, monthly salary on time and in full 15;

        2, the company has talent and improve the management mechanism, to provide a broad platform for the career development of employees. Preferred instead, excellent promotion. Including training promotion, promotion, the suitable hillock to mobilize;

        3, to provide free accommodation, create a good accommodation (with 34 inch LCD TV, digital set-top boxes, central air conditioning, independent bathroom, independent balcony water heater);

        4, a good environment is set inside the company, restaurants, cafes, basketball, billiards room, large ice rink and other facilities, the surrounding the dining facilities, tigers one street has dozens of different flavor restaurant, commercial center, the city in the world is from hundreds of meters away;

        5, internal (free) set up love house, and help the staff to arrange children nearby school;

        6, employees can enjoy 5 danger one gold (medical insurance, unemployment insurance, endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, housing provident fund);

        7, the company held various kinds of rich and colorful activities to enrich the employees of the business life, similar to organize employee group tour, held the top ten singers, tigers talent show interesting garden, and other entertainment;

        8, the year-end large year-end celebration.

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